Better feedback = better practice

Introducing your AI Speech Coach
Let your students record their speech from any browser and receive instant feedback on key elements of their performance including:
  • Filler words (um, uh, like)
  • Weak language (ya know, and stuff)
  • Non inclusive / vulgar language
  • Pace
  • Repitition
  • Volume

They can share the speech and its transcript with a coach in 1 click for even more detailed, timestamped feedback.

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Our goal is to improve the classroom experience of every student and instructor, but we are only serving a limited number of programs at a time. This allows us to offer special attention to those classes interested in working with us as we continue to grow.


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This demo course gives a sample listing of all the units and lessons found in a standard course. Only one unit is available with attached quizzes. Full access instructors may choose course content and student performance data is immediately available.

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